Super Buddha


Born In Caracas, Venezuela, later on embarking on several moves within the Unites States before moving to what he considers his "hometown" today: Shanghai, China. Here Super Buddha attended high school while also pursuing internationally valued diplomas In Art&Design. Once in China, he began obsessing with art and focused significantly in immersing himself into the entirely distinct culture he was encountering firsthand, delving into new and unique painting techniques that he still uses today. At this time, the artist began to practice graffiti while embracing the rare underground Urban/Contemporary art scene in Shanghai, where much of his influence would eventually stem from. 

Super Buddha's intent through his work is to provide good fortune. Furthermore, the "Buddha" that is depicted in each painting is always conveying a message of consciousness and positive affirmations. These daily reminders  are aids in keeping a healthy mind state-in such a busy world and filled with so much nonsense. It's fair to say we tend to forget some fundamental values that make us human.